hid flashlight diagram 6v


4 steps follow the circuit and fix led’s on to pvc basehigh power led circuit with 1 5v aa battery of 6 for 5home built led otherpower 3 watt ac 10 reading lamp circuiteasy fluorescent electronic circuit designfluorescent tube circuit using…

Professional () XENON . Brightest torch in the world, 3500 lumens! Used by military, law enforcement, border patrol, fire departments, marine/coast guard.

10. 11. Introduction: DIY for Your Car/truck. Once or twice a year, my family and I go camping with some friends. Usually we show up at night and have to set up camp in the dark.

I want to show my builds to get it rated buy you Pros. Iam not an electrican, just Hobbyist, maybe some electricans get some nightmare





HID Ballast Wiring Diagrams for Metal Halide and High …